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What's included in the digital PDF?


Your digital PDF planner contains the below

 Included in the spread is
-Client information,Includes basic info for your client.
-Event info - venue info and details for that.
-Booking workflow
-Ad-ons area & customization area
-Event workflow – Month/week/prior to event.  TODO & maintenance.
-Checklist for during an event. (I used to alway forget certain things like reach out to other vendors or take certain photos)
-Inventory check list
-Special requirements & Event wrap up
-Event summary section &
Notes section for recording problems or Venue quirks for later. Reduce your charge backs!
-Expenses & petty cash, mileage tracking. 

* can be used on you iPad with GoodNotes5


* This is awesome. I received mine on Friday (thank you) I'm loving this. I don't use CRM so this works out perfect for me. The checklist is what i didn't know i needed. MC

* Its so ridiculously worth it! I bought it and love it!. PF

* I recommend it, its's very simple. TH

Current deals

The PDF planner is $35USD. We will be releasing the planner in print format this winter. Stay tuned!

Coming Soon

* Printed version of the workflow planner

* Posing desk


Can I customize the planner?

No, if you have a change you would like made, send me an email. I will send you your own version. I offer this to everyone who asks. So far no one has taken advantage of that. 

When is the hard copy coming?

We have secured a vendor, the planner is in it's final stages before printing. Stay tuned!

Buy the (digital pdf) $35 USD

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